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Crystal Glass Tea Infuser Bottle, Rose Gold | Onyx

Crystal Glass Tea Infuser Bottle, Rose Gold | Onyx

€31.95 Regular Price
€25.56Sale Price

Enjoy your favourite loose leaf tea on the go, the bottle is made of high quality borosilicate glass which is durable and resistant, stainless steel infuser is removable, making it easy to clean and refill with your favourite drink.

The Crystal Glass Tea Infuser Bottle is topped with a rose gold cap, which screws on securely to prevent leaks and spills. Set includes also neoprene cover.

The black onyx stones in the bottle provide a beautiful and calming aesthetic. Black onxy is called a stone of sorcerers, it is a symbol of tremendous power, perseverance and determination, it ensures balance of the soul and body, reducing stress and making difficult decisions easier.
Black onyx is also considered to strenghten immunity and accelerate regeneration.
The stones are securely held in place in the bottom of the bottle and add a lovely touch to the overall design.
Set includes neoprene cover
**Caution: the bottle gets quite hot after pouring hot water, for safety use with the cover provided**
500ml bottle

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