SLUGS & SNAILS Children Knee High Socks | Block Colours

SLUGS & SNAILS Children Knee High Socks | Block Colours


These block colour knee socks are made with 90% organic cotton, 8% polyamid and 2% elastane which makes them incredibly soft and comfortable, add in some seamless toes and extra gentle ribbed tops, S&S socks feel almost like no socks at all.

 These sets are designed to work in combination with Slugs&Snails waffle basics, by using the same bright and bold Pantone colour pallet. So you can match your children’s AND your outfits endlessly with these amazing quality, super soft and durable basics.

You don’t have to wear our knee socks all the way up however, they are soft enough to not be bulky when you wear them around your ankle. You can even mix and match them, who says you need to matching socks anyway?

Made with in Europe with lovely Oeko Tex 100 certified cotton, suitable for sensitive skin.

  • 90% Organic Cotton
  • 8% polyamide
  • 2% elastane